Eighteen Letters from a father to his daughter, by Joe Garrett
Each letter is more magical than the previous one, and when I reached the 18th letter, I didn't want them to end. An enchanting, magical book. — Gwen Kirkpatrick, professor, author of Women, Culture, and Politics in Latin America
            Joe Garrett has taken his role as a father to a new place with these letters. No child could ask for more, and readers, too, will feel enfolded in a story that offers a clear view of the love of a parent for a child. — Dorothy Firman, author of Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul
			I emerged from reading Eighteen Letters with a tinge of envy. Each one is a moving act and testimony of love, with rich insights into life and history. This is the kind of extended love letter every child should have as a matter of entitlement, and the kind of letter every parent wishes he or she had written. — Okey Ndibe, professor, author of Arrows of Rain